Jun. 16th, 2009

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Okay, I've settled on my new project. No title yet, but the project name is 'Budokai Saga'.

The characters are the ones that I mostly wrote about during my 'terrible-shitty-never-going-to-see-the-light-of-day' phase, which I've been writing for four nigh on four years. They're in a better place though. Not the YuGiOh-DBZ-YYH world I made up in high school.

The major change is that the main character won't be Doesi. Not this Doesi. Though that Doesi was named for this one. Sort of. Doesi is kind of the avatar of all the things I wanted to be at age 15. As a result he's a primal, rude, meanspirited badass troll who doesn't want to do anything but prove he's worth something. Kind of a Mary Sue, and too physical of a character to carry a story by himself. He's more like a force of nature than a person. So instead I'm going to write from the POV of Cetra, who was originally just made up to be a fourth man for the group. If Doesi is everything I wanted to be at 15, then Cetra is probably everything I actually was at 15. Though probably less whiny. By having him as the protagonist, and Doesi as a side, I don't have to try and explain why Doesi is being a dick, or acting eratically. Because there is usually only one reason, "because I feel like it, dammit." He's not the kind of character that makes the best use of the introspection a written story utilizes. If this were a visual medium, maybe he'd be the protagonist again.

I'm still outlining, and I don't feel that comfortable having so much about the story googleable. Its naive to think someone would actually be looking to steal the idea, but I don't really want to make it that much easier.
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I need to find my voice recorder. I'm having memory issues, and I'm pretty sure I'm thinking up cool stuff, but I keep losing it because I pass out...

Long story. I just realized that line makes no sense.


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