Sep. 20th, 2009 02:09 am
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Wrote one Flash story. "An Awful Undertaking." Outlining the Prologue for another book.

Added ~3 gigs to iPod, Maximum the Hormone's discography, among others, including "The Best of MTV Unplugged," and some kind of Led Zepplin cover album. I have about 18 days worth of music to listen to, not counting the podcasts, audiobooks, and stuff I did listen to but iTunes didn't count.

First article was published one Suite 101. Nine more to go. I don't know how much time is left in my contract, but I'm going to finish article two today and submit it and begin number three.

Assembled six new Magic Decks, but scrapped one. Apparently, one of my decks was a Pokemon deck, which doesn't count toward my goal. :-/

Put $7 into the secret savings box.

I tried to give up soda, but failed after a few hours.

I've given up candy for about six days now. It is harder than I thought. My self-restraint these past few...uh, decades... has been pretty bad. I think once I can pass on candy, then I'll add soda into the mix, then fast food, and then I might go as far as to eliminate most of the sugar from my diet. I found a Starburst in my bookbag while studying, and started unwrapping it without thinking. I was pressing it to my lips when I remembered that I wasn't supposed to be eating it. It was orange flavor, which is a crap flavor, so it wasn't that hard.

I took my picture for about three days, but forgot after the fourth. I'm going to have to have a reminder set up to remember to keep doing that.


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