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#90. Spend a weekend in 10 different US cities.

So last week was Nashville... 

My main reason for going was the Protomen Act II release show. I left Maryland Thursday evening, after going to class, checking on my bike's status, and accidentally pissing away a few too many hours playing Magic with the BKs ('Bad Kids') at PG. I only remembered that this was part of my list when I got to the Airport. Due to Reagan's layout, I ended up going through security twice. Delta also, in the time between booking my flight and actually getting on, outsourced my flight to Northwest, which meant my nonstop flight wasn't anymore. I ended up going to DETROIT for a stopover. I kind of hate the airlines for that.

 Anyway, on the flight out of DC, I looked out and saw the bridge, and then I saw the Gaylord nearby. I thought to myself, "One of these days, I'm going to take off and it'll be the last time I see those things." Then I wondered if anyone got fired in the past two weeks. According to the payroll book I snuck a peek at today, no one. Take off is my least favorite part of flying. Though I'm not fond of landing... or any other part of the experience either. The second flight out of Detroit was much nicer, which was the case when I went to Vegas as well. When I reach Nashville, I realize that my next excursion is definitely going to be a road trip. The rest of the weekend cemented that decision.

 My hotel was a bad one. A hole in the wall if there ever was one. The tub's stopper was broken, someone had been doing plumbing work on the sink, the bathroom door had a hole punched through it, and every room in the hotel was too big for the doorway to close properly, so that meant at any given time of the day there was someone slamming a door shut. On the plus side, there was a Steak'n'Shake next door, which is a nigh-24-hour burger place that sell burgers for roughly $2 less than  any fast food place nearby. Yes, I accounted for price differences, I ate a McDonalds on day, and it was the same price as at home. I ate at Steak'nShake for nearly every meal that I wasn't in the city.

 Friday I attempted to take a bus into Nashville, for I was far indeed from it, thank you deceptive maps. However, it would appear that the bus stops in Antioch Tennessee are purely for show. I ended up waiting an hour for the bus, and when it didn't arrive, had to take another cab. Another dagger in my side. I don't think I've mentioned this enough anywhere online, but I loathe cabs. The show itself was awesome. Unfortunately, the front of the stage became a mosh pit, and the club was a little smaller than the 9:30 club, and was backed. I found a spot by the string players, and steered clear of the din. After the third set though, I was too beat to actually listen to the end of the second album, so I sat out on the balcony with the opening act, The Non-Commissioned Officers. I wasn't the only one that came out far to see the show, there were people from the Carolinas, New York, the surrounding Bible Belt, and a loud and rather obnoxious contingent from Wisconsin.

Saturday was spent wandering Nashville Proper... and then drinking in the one non-country themed bar in the area. I got hammered. I don't know if it was more than normal though. I was by myself, so my ability to measure things like that was off. The place I had dinner at wanted to call me a cab, but I decided to get one myself. Curiously, I find it harder to speak in one language after drinking. Nothing cool like forgetting how to speak English completely, but the smaller words and statements seem to be set to shuffle.

 Sunday I just made sure to get money for a cab and to get to the airport. By Sunday I think I'd seen enough of Nashville to last me for a few decades. Stan, the cab who'd given me his card, and was the only American cabby I'd gotten the whole time, had said he'd arranged for someone to get me, but I, as per the norm, miscalculated the timing of my flight, and had to leave about an hour earlier. Ignoring calls is something I don't like to do, but he'll survive. It would've only been a problem if I had missed the plane. The flight out sucked. SUCKED. SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED. The plane was tiny and crowded. Small planes do not instill confidence in me. I'm a microphile, but this time that didn't work for me. I was glad to be off of that flight. The second flight was better, though it was delayed a few minutes.

All in all, good show, bad hotel, decent bar, shit flights.

Nashville down.

I think I'm going to Philly next week. If I get to see enough scenery outside of my CARD GAMAN, then I'll count it.


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