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Released last August, as I recall, I finally finished the DLC chapters of Disgaea 3, which happens to make the game fall under my criteria for the goal. It must be a game that I haven't already completed. Its a good thing I stopped at just completing the story chapters, because the grinding means I probably won't be done with this game for a while. There are six DLC items that you earn by getting a high score. I might try to deal with that later.

The plot of the Disgaea series is relatively scant. The first and third games are the video game equivalent of slice-of-life anime, only not as boring. The second game has a plot, but its not very enjoyable, so no one really mentions it. Really, the side games are where he plot should remain, Phantom Brave and Soul Nomad are both very good games in that regard. The story focuses on Mao, the son of the Dean of Evil Academy, a Netherworld where the entire planet is a giant school for demons. Think of it like Bizarro World. The story is kicked off when Almaz, a nondescript human hero, arrives to slay Mao's father. Hilarity ensues. The plot isn't nearly as deep as the first game, which wasn't all that deep, and the second game feels like A Game of Thrones in comparison. If you've watched an anime, you know where the story will go at any given time.

The game plays like the first two, though its streamlined so that you can skip animations, check stats quickly, and get the camera situation worked out. Its amazing that it took five games to get those things right, but at least they did. Tactics are important up until you start grinding near the end, especially the post-game bosses. Fuck tactics at that point, you need a bigger sword.

The graphics are the same for the series, and have been a point of contention for retards. The PS3 is a powerful console, and the detail definitely went into the stages and complexity of some levels. The characters are still sprites, but I don't really mind that. I'll skip on graphics if the content is increased.

Also, its one of the few PSTriple exclusives.


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