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Sep. 17th, 2009 07:54 am
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Had a German exam yesterday. The language programs here are intensive, Eric Jao didn't lie.

(As an aside, I am compelled to say Eric Jao's full name whenever I speak of him. He has a cool last name.)

Japanese is a 5-day class, 6 credits. German is 4 days. I am working hard in German, and I think its going better than Spanish 101 did way back when. I'm off of German today, which means I have a nice stretch of time to update everything for the next week.

There's a Language House on campus. Every Monday for an hour, its inhabitants are forced to converse with the populous, I think. I stopped at the German and Japanese tables to check it out. I have a long way to go in both langs, but I was glad to at least stay afloat at the Japanese table. At the German table, Alex was able to help me out.

The Japanese House is a bit difficult to get into. The German one isn't. And, on top of that, there's a heavy gender gap in my favor if I got accepted.

Deck #43

Sep. 12th, 2009 04:11 pm
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Completed another deck.



Mountain x11
Forest x12

Bloodbraid Elf x3
Marisi's Twinclaws x4
Boggart Ram-Gang
Vaishino Slaughtermaster x4
Llanowar Elves x3
Nettle Sentinel x3
Imperious Perfect x3
Wren's Run Vanquisher x3
Bramblewood Paragon x2

Obsidian Battle-Axe x4
Colossal Might x4
Lightning Bolt x4

The deck uses Warriors to take advantage of the Battle-Ave's Haste, and Twinclaws and Slaughtermaster's doublestrike. Bloodbraid is hasty and always brings a friend, or more pain. Its a very simple deck, but if the opponent is off guard, they can eat a very early 12 damage.
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I think I'll try and give a round summary of what I've accomplished this week.

#24. I've counted up my Magic decks. I have 42 built. 58 to go.

Not much else as far as the more quantifiable goals I've set that doesn't have a time limit for the time being.
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Start Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2009
End Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Last Updated: Oct. 18, 2009

In Progress

Most goals will have a completion date, and a link to a relevant post.

1. Finish 101 short stories (2500-6000 words). [0/101]
2. Finish 501 Flash Fiction Stories (100-1000 words) [2/501]
3. Finish 2 Novels (+75,000 words) [0/2]
4. Get accepted into the Clarion Writers Workshop.
5. Publish a book.
6. Obtain a Writers Credit
7. Write a screenplay.
8. Create a definitive bible for all of my works, in both book and wiki formats.

9. Complete my
Suite101 contract. [6/10]
10. Write at least 1000 words a day, five days a week, for a year. [0/365]
11. Act in a play/film/TV show.
12. Create a podcast/vlog that updates for at least 6 months. [0/6]
13. Record an audiobook.
14. Invent a complete conlang.
15. ‘Win’ NaNoWriMo.
16. Complete the chapter outline for “The Minus World.”

17. Read 101 Books. [1/101]
18. Review 101 Books[1/101]
19. Finish 101 Video Games [1/101]
20. Review 101 Video Games [1/101]
21. See 101 movies. [2/101]
22. Review 101 movies. [2/101]
23. Learn to play Dungeons and Dragons.
24. Build 101 Magic the Gathering decks. [51/101]
25. Win a major M:TG tournament.

26. Build a personal library.
27. Become a tea snob.
28. Max out my iPod. [30.6/122GB]
29. Listen to every song on my iPod at least once. [~8days remain]
30. Attend a convention and cosplay.
31. Pass both Max300 and Max Unlimited with at A. [0/2]

32. Figure out heritage.
33. Map out family tree going back at least 5 generations, and covering everyone after me.
34. Interview family members, and record the interviews on audio as well as paper.

35. Stop eating fast food for an entire month, for at least three months. [0/3]
36. Donate sperm.
37. Donate blood.
38. Exercise three times a week, every week, for at least half a year.
39. Drink roughly 1 bottle of water a day every day for at least a year. [0/365]
40. Drop all candy from my diet for at least two months. [2/2] 11-17-09 [ENTRY]
41. Get a physical exam.
42. Get all dental work required done.
43. Get wisdom teeth removed. So scary a prospect that it gets its own slot.

44. Confine self to a room for an entire week, shunning the outside world.
45. Move out of parent’s house.
46. Fulfill greatest perverse fantasy.
47. Throw a party.
48. Find love.
49. Attend a Catholic Mass.
50. Attend a Methodist church service.
51. Attend a Jehovah’s Witness church service (Kingdom Hall).
52. Learn to shave with a razor.
53. Have a threesome.
54. Take a picture of myself everyday for a year.
55. Go horseback riding.
56. Live by personal honor code for all 1,001 days. Do nothing that makes me feel like a hypocrite.
57. Cook dinner once a week for 52 weeks. [0/52]

58. Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree.
59. Declare a second major and obtain that Bachelor’s as well.
60. Attain conversational proficiency in Japanese.
61. Attain conversational proficiency in Spanish.
62. Attain conversational proficiency in German.
63. Attain conversational proficiency in a fifth language.
64. Attain conversational proficiency in a sixth language.
65. Learn to communicate basic needs in sign language.
66. Learn trigonometry.
67. Learn calculus.
68. Learn to sew.
69. Learn basic car upkeep (changing tires, oil, fluids, breaks, etc).
70. Learn how to use a sword.
71. Learn to cook.
72. Learn to ride a motorcycle.
73. Learn to drive a stick shift.
74. Learn HTML.
75. Learn to play the guitar.
76. Learn to play the drums.
77. Learn to play the ocarina.
78. Learn to dance.
79. Read the bible.
80. Become proficient with a firearm (attaining some kind of license/permit).
81. Make Honor Roll every semester I have left of undergrad.

82. Go to Japan.
83. Go to Europe.
84. Go to Hawaii
85. Go to Alaska.
86. See the Pacific Ocean.
87. Visit every free Museum in DC.
88. Witness Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.
89. Visit a ghost town.
90. Spend a weekend in 10 different US cities. [1/10]

91. Put $1,001 into savings. [$19/$1,001]
92. Spend $0 for a week, for 8 nonconsecutive weeks. [0/8]
93. Start a 401k

94. Get a day job. (9-5 Mon-Fri)
95. Get a non-retail job involving video games.

96. Pick up a British accent.
97. Take on a second name, and gain at least five friends who only know me by that name. [0/5]
98. Take a vow of silence for a week.

99. Blog each goal and process of completing it.
100. Start another 101 goals after this one expires.
101. Put $5 into a savings account for each goal unfinished/failed. The money won’t be touched until I complete another cycle of 1001 days. [$0/$5,005]
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I have found a use for this journal!

I can't use my livejournal for this purpose, because that's a 'private' blog. But this one, not so much a big deal. Morecoming forth in the next day or so.
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Chapter 13 has been irksome all of last month. It pretty much stopped my progress dead.

This morning I finally finished it up enough to add it to the draft. It'll be a while before I edit it again,but now I can move forward. 
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Well, world building is a lot harder when you have to do it again.

Building Dione was one thing. The Guild was easy, since the two are socially linked. Dione was a colony of the Guild.

But I can't get this new world down pat. I can't even think of a name. Its making me want to retreat and write about Dione more, since I have nearly everything about that world thought of. Sigh indeed. I might resume outlining the sequel rather than the new project.
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Huh. Implied rape.

Not even implied.

Oh well. When a girl does it, I guess its okay.

This character wasn't supposed to be a rapist. At least not by chapter three... Ah well.
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I need to find my voice recorder. I'm having memory issues, and I'm pretty sure I'm thinking up cool stuff, but I keep losing it because I pass out...

Long story. I just realized that line makes no sense.
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Okay, I've settled on my new project. No title yet, but the project name is 'Budokai Saga'.

The characters are the ones that I mostly wrote about during my 'terrible-shitty-never-going-to-see-the-light-of-day' phase, which I've been writing for four nigh on four years. They're in a better place though. Not the YuGiOh-DBZ-YYH world I made up in high school.

The major change is that the main character won't be Doesi. Not this Doesi. Though that Doesi was named for this one. Sort of. Doesi is kind of the avatar of all the things I wanted to be at age 15. As a result he's a primal, rude, meanspirited badass troll who doesn't want to do anything but prove he's worth something. Kind of a Mary Sue, and too physical of a character to carry a story by himself. He's more like a force of nature than a person. So instead I'm going to write from the POV of Cetra, who was originally just made up to be a fourth man for the group. If Doesi is everything I wanted to be at 15, then Cetra is probably everything I actually was at 15. Though probably less whiny. By having him as the protagonist, and Doesi as a side, I don't have to try and explain why Doesi is being a dick, or acting eratically. Because there is usually only one reason, "because I feel like it, dammit." He's not the kind of character that makes the best use of the introspection a written story utilizes. If this were a visual medium, maybe he'd be the protagonist again.

I'm still outlining, and I don't feel that comfortable having so much about the story googleable. Its naive to think someone would actually be looking to steal the idea, but I don't really want to make it that much easier.
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Critting and doing notes.

I really remember now why I skipped this chapter.


I don't really feel like writing it. I'm doing to slowest possible method of getting it done, which is to flesh out a bare summary into an outline, then an outline into a description, and a description into the final product. That's like, four points I have to capture, and with mild enthuse.
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I have to finish filling in Chapter 13. It sucks to read along with completed bits, only to crash into a giant chunk of outline. Chapters 10 and 12 (I think... I never was good at the numbering part) need some description filled in as well as to have the dialog hammered down into something a bit more concrete. Chapter 14 has its action scenes in a row, but the transitions are rough. 15... uh... I don't even know if I wrote 15 an outline. 15 was originally a bunch of philosophical dialog I wrote while eating by myself at a Red Robin... but well, that's where this whole thing began, so I guess its nothing to be ashamed of.

16 needs a bit of shining, but from there on, we're back on to full steam.

'The Paradox Witch
' is getting critiqued right now. I think I should've probably editted it a bit more before submitting it. It need to get into the habit of that, especially since the professor's advice was 'one shot, one kill', which is secretly one of my personal philosophies, to my sorrow at times.

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(I thought it'd be funny at the time.)

More later, I need to make a snack/coffee run to bulk up for the night.


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