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Getting harder to do this every week, so I might do it every other. Anyway! Time for the rundown!

#9. Complete my
Suite101 contract.

Submitted Article #3, with #4, #5, and probably #6 to come this week, if not before I go to bed tonight. I have little less than a month to finish up. I don't know if I'll renew though. The site isn't my bag.

#23. Learn to play Dungeons and Dragons.

I DM'd this week. I have a few more things to work out, and I'll have 4.0 down. Then I'll learn 3.5, and then consider this son-bitch DONE.

24. Build 101 Magic the Gathering decks. [51/101]

Couldn't tell you which ones are which, but I counted 50, and built 51 Friday.

25. Win a major M:TG tournament.

Went to the SCG 5k in Philly last weekend. I went 2-4DROP, as did Paul and Steve. A bad start for a lofty goal, but I haven't played competitively in a few years. I hope I'll get back in the swing. 

29. Listen to every song on my iPod at least once. [~8 days remain]

I fixed the Smart Playlist that I was using for this. I set it to ignore the podcasts and audiobooks, because it was getting annoying. They'll get their own lists later, though technically, neither the audiobooks nor podcasts are truly songs, so screw them.

40. Drop all candy from my diet for at least two months. [1/2]

I made sure this didn't say consecutive last night, then I ate some candy after 5 weeks last night. I'm back off the junk again, and on Nov 17th, this'll be done, and I might give up candy for good. Probably not. This was hard.

91. Put $1,001 into savings. [$19/$1,001]

I accidentally spent the seven bucks I had here. I've since replaced it, as you see. This will be my secret savings.

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List updated.

#9. I submitted my second article to Suite101.
#24. Built at least 3 new Magic decks. Going to get a count on them after I post this.
#28. Songs added to my iPod include: The Dethalbum's secret disc, The Dethalbum II, Good Omens, a mood album, and a podcast that I'm probably going to not count towards my end goal. I'm not oging to count podcasts and videos towards maxing it out, because I honestly don't think I'd ever listen to them more than once.
#29. Podcasts do count here, unforunately. I have 20 days worth of listening to get through. Plenty more, given this can't be completed until #28 is.
#37. Cowered out of donating blood this week.
#40. Almost at a week on the no candy thing. I'm going to cut soda out this week. That's not on my list, but I might as well.
#90. Going to Nashville this coming weekend. Currently lookig up what to 'do' in Nashville other than the concert I wanted to go to.


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