Nov. 10th, 2009 05:53 pm
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I think that was the worst part of the semester. But it was the most fun, too. I had three exams in rapid succession. I have had this tab open on FireFox for three weeks now, it seems. I finally have a breather though, so before I put off studying to write, and then put that off to play Dragon Age, then put that off to take cold meds and stare off into space until morning, I'm going to update.





9. Complete my Suite101 contract. [3/10]
I asked for an extension, but then three of my articles got taken down. I'm going to write this one off. I'll finish the contract, but if I can just cancel between now and the 20th, that'll work. Hell, I don't even mind breaking the contract that much other than it fails entry.

14. Invent a complete conlang.

I wrote some stuff on this a while ago, but its still pretty basic.

15. ‘Win’ NaNoWriMo.

14,000 words in. I'm a day behind, but is a handy site to shore up the numbers. I'm going to aim for 6000 today, which means I'll probably only hit 3000.

23. Learn to play Dungeons and Dragons.

I just need to figure out 3.5 rules, and I'll be done here.

24. Build 101 Magic the Gathering decks.

I'm up to 53. They're all over the place. I'll have to do an inventory again this weekend.

40. Drop all candy from my diet for at least two months.


58. Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree.
59. Declare a second major and obtain that Bachelor’s as well.

2011 is the year, I think. I'm also going to be an English Major on top of being a Japanese one.

62. Attain conversational proficiency in German.

Hit a snag here. I have to drop German next semester to concentrate on both of my majors. I'll have to figure this out next time I get a breather.

81. Make Honor Roll every semester I have left of undergrad.


91. Put $1,001 into savings.
I signed up for a thing on campus that paid me for stuff. Most of the money I got from that went here. This money is also being designated my personal escape money, in case I need to, well, make an escape.

#60, #62

Sep. 17th, 2009 07:54 am
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Had a German exam yesterday. The language programs here are intensive, Eric Jao didn't lie.

(As an aside, I am compelled to say Eric Jao's full name whenever I speak of him. He has a cool last name.)

Japanese is a 5-day class, 6 credits. German is 4 days. I am working hard in German, and I think its going better than Spanish 101 did way back when. I'm off of German today, which means I have a nice stretch of time to update everything for the next week.

There's a Language House on campus. Every Monday for an hour, its inhabitants are forced to converse with the populous, I think. I stopped at the German and Japanese tables to check it out. I have a long way to go in both langs, but I was glad to at least stay afloat at the Japanese table. At the German table, Alex was able to help me out.

The Japanese House is a bit difficult to get into. The German one isn't. And, on top of that, there's a heavy gender gap in my favor if I got accepted.


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