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Busy Busy, aren't I?

So, its been about three weeks, and I've learned lessons involving women, booze, friendship, several foreign languages, and that I may talk to myself more than I should.

Also that I never want to talk an Otaku girl again.

A growing time for all! Okay, the down and dirty:

8. Create a definitive bible for all of my works, in both book and wiki formats.

Construction goes well, thanks to wiki magic. Nowhere near done, of course.

9. Complete my Suite101 contract. [6/10] FAILED

For the best. I'll detail it later, but I don't plan on trying to rectify this one, simply because I have no time nor interest in grinding on that site.

14. Invent a complete conlang.

Construction goes good.  I have an alphabet and grammar structure. I just need to start making words, or something.

15. ‘Win’ NaNoWriMo.

November is a bad time for NaNoWriMo. I have next year to try again though. I'll detail this one later too.

19/20. Complete and Review 101 Games.

Just finished Star Fox 64, a game that has been out since 1996, but I have never finished. Expect the review to follow this.

21/22. Watch/Review 101 Movies.

Up to two here, Zombieland and Monty Python and the Holy Grail (which, I know you won't believe me, I honestly hadn't seen up until yesterday).

23. Learn to play Dungeons and Dragons

Done and done. I might as well make a post to commemorate something that I finished about a month ago...

December is upon us, and I plan to take another chunk out of this thing once finals end in a fortnight. Until then, nonreaders.


Nov. 10th, 2009 05:53 pm
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I think that was the worst part of the semester. But it was the most fun, too. I had three exams in rapid succession. I have had this tab open on FireFox for three weeks now, it seems. I finally have a breather though, so before I put off studying to write, and then put that off to play Dragon Age, then put that off to take cold meds and stare off into space until morning, I'm going to update.





9. Complete my Suite101 contract. [3/10]
I asked for an extension, but then three of my articles got taken down. I'm going to write this one off. I'll finish the contract, but if I can just cancel between now and the 20th, that'll work. Hell, I don't even mind breaking the contract that much other than it fails entry.

14. Invent a complete conlang.

I wrote some stuff on this a while ago, but its still pretty basic.

15. ‘Win’ NaNoWriMo.

14,000 words in. I'm a day behind, but is a handy site to shore up the numbers. I'm going to aim for 6000 today, which means I'll probably only hit 3000.

23. Learn to play Dungeons and Dragons.

I just need to figure out 3.5 rules, and I'll be done here.

24. Build 101 Magic the Gathering decks.

I'm up to 53. They're all over the place. I'll have to do an inventory again this weekend.

40. Drop all candy from my diet for at least two months.


58. Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree.
59. Declare a second major and obtain that Bachelor’s as well.

2011 is the year, I think. I'm also going to be an English Major on top of being a Japanese one.

62. Attain conversational proficiency in German.

Hit a snag here. I have to drop German next semester to concentrate on both of my majors. I'll have to figure this out next time I get a breather.

81. Make Honor Roll every semester I have left of undergrad.


91. Put $1,001 into savings.
I signed up for a thing on campus that paid me for stuff. Most of the money I got from that went here. This money is also being designated my personal escape money, in case I need to, well, make an escape.
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Getting harder to do this every week, so I might do it every other. Anyway! Time for the rundown!

#9. Complete my
Suite101 contract.

Submitted Article #3, with #4, #5, and probably #6 to come this week, if not before I go to bed tonight. I have little less than a month to finish up. I don't know if I'll renew though. The site isn't my bag.

#23. Learn to play Dungeons and Dragons.

I DM'd this week. I have a few more things to work out, and I'll have 4.0 down. Then I'll learn 3.5, and then consider this son-bitch DONE.

24. Build 101 Magic the Gathering decks. [51/101]

Couldn't tell you which ones are which, but I counted 50, and built 51 Friday.

25. Win a major M:TG tournament.

Went to the SCG 5k in Philly last weekend. I went 2-4DROP, as did Paul and Steve. A bad start for a lofty goal, but I haven't played competitively in a few years. I hope I'll get back in the swing. 

29. Listen to every song on my iPod at least once. [~8 days remain]

I fixed the Smart Playlist that I was using for this. I set it to ignore the podcasts and audiobooks, because it was getting annoying. They'll get their own lists later, though technically, neither the audiobooks nor podcasts are truly songs, so screw them.

40. Drop all candy from my diet for at least two months. [1/2]

I made sure this didn't say consecutive last night, then I ate some candy after 5 weeks last night. I'm back off the junk again, and on Nov 17th, this'll be done, and I might give up candy for good. Probably not. This was hard.

91. Put $1,001 into savings. [$19/$1,001]

I accidentally spent the seven bucks I had here. I've since replaced it, as you see. This will be my secret savings.

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Ah, another week, inches closer. Been sick. Been angry. Been depressed about implications.

But, onward we go.

I have to write the update up tomorrow. I have a German composition to write, and then an article to post. And need to make a snack run.
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Sorry I didn't update last week, but between the flights and concerts and drinking, I couldn't be tasked with updating two blogs.

At least, not while drunk.

Here's the rundown.

#90. Spent last weekend in Nashville. More on that trip later.
#91. Put $7 into savings.

I haven't kept up on numbering my writings or decks, so those stats are probably much higher, pending a count. Next month I hope to take a bite out of my writing quotas, what with NaNoWriMo around the corner and all.

I need to make this look cooler.


Sep. 20th, 2009 02:09 am
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Wrote one Flash story. "An Awful Undertaking." Outlining the Prologue for another book.

Added ~3 gigs to iPod, Maximum the Hormone's discography, among others, including "The Best of MTV Unplugged," and some kind of Led Zepplin cover album. I have about 18 days worth of music to listen to, not counting the podcasts, audiobooks, and stuff I did listen to but iTunes didn't count.

First article was published one Suite 101. Nine more to go. I don't know how much time is left in my contract, but I'm going to finish article two today and submit it and begin number three.

Assembled six new Magic Decks, but scrapped one. Apparently, one of my decks was a Pokemon deck, which doesn't count toward my goal. :-/

Put $7 into the secret savings box.

I tried to give up soda, but failed after a few hours.

I've given up candy for about six days now. It is harder than I thought. My self-restraint these past few...uh, decades... has been pretty bad. I think once I can pass on candy, then I'll add soda into the mix, then fast food, and then I might go as far as to eliminate most of the sugar from my diet. I found a Starburst in my bookbag while studying, and started unwrapping it without thinking. I was pressing it to my lips when I remembered that I wasn't supposed to be eating it. It was orange flavor, which is a crap flavor, so it wasn't that hard.

I took my picture for about three days, but forgot after the fourth. I'm going to have to have a reminder set up to remember to keep doing that.
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I think I'll try and give a round summary of what I've accomplished this week.

#24. I've counted up my Magic decks. I have 42 built. 58 to go.

Not much else as far as the more quantifiable goals I've set that doesn't have a time limit for the time being.


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